Da Nazo da zra razoona د نازو د زړە رازونه

ساقي توله ميخانه دي تري قربان شه ~~~پښتنه چي جام را ډک کړي له منګي نه

:( March 5, 2009

Filed under: pakhtu,pakhtun,pashto,pashtu,pukhto,pukhtoon,Shayeree — nazo @ 5:58 pm

Today is a sad sad sad day for me and for my people…..today Rahman Baba’s Mausoleum has been destroyed by the enemies of pakhtuns

Khawanda jameeyat ye krai badal pa praishaanee

Har cha che jameeyat kralo praishaan da pukhtano



3 Responses to “:(”

  1. Aamir Says:

    Very bad happened! Rahman Baba Kho zamong Shanakhat de. Only sad minded people can do that.

    Aamir UK

  2. Aamir Says:

    Please visit me on http://www.waisa.net for pushto website.

  3. Pukhtana Says:

    charta yei……sumra bewafa yei 😦

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