Da Nazo da zra razoona د نازو د زړە رازونه

ساقي توله ميخانه دي تري قربان شه ~~~پښتنه چي جام را ډک کړي له منګي نه

Zema zheba, zema da baba zheba July 27, 2007

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Khawanda jameeyat ye krai badal pa praishaanee

Har cha che jameeyat kralo praishaan da pukhtano

King Zahir Shah passed away a few days ago. Of course when I heard the news, warta may dua wokra. Khudai day wobakhee mong tolo musalmanano sara. But since he once was a King and now was “da melat Baba” i can’t help but to discuss something very important about my melat, the melat that he was supposedly baba to. I know it is not right to talk about those who have crossed to the other side, but I feel if someone is or was in a position that he was in, then we have to and we need to discuss the good and the bad deeds of that person. So it will be a lesson for those of us living and for those in the future.

I am not even going to ask what King Zahir Shah did for our melat and our beloved language. Because I know the answer is not a pretty one. Forget about him serving his mother tangue, forget about him speaking in his mother tangue, forget about him promoting his mother tangue, forget about him loving and respecting his mother tangue. What kills me is the damages he and his royal family did to this innocent and beautiful language. It was during this era that pashtu started disappearing from the mainstream media, it was during this era that everyone who worked for the government started speaking in farsi. It was during this era that most schools started teaching subjects in farsi. It was during this era that pashtu kept getting kicked and looked down upon. ufffff no tsa wowayama, the list is long….aw da bada murgha, all these abuses to pakhtu stayed even when the King was no more the King. Cause parsos had gotten used to this new superiority and pakhtuns had lost thier ghairat to do anything about it..till recently of course, and now that we have revolted and now that we have declared che no more zulim to our beautiful langage, we are labled fascists. Well if loving my language, a language that is the language of the majority of my country, and promoting and respecting my language makes me a fascist, then hey i am guilty as charged and proud of it.

And the fools who gave him the title of “da melat baba”. Which melat are they talking about? Our melat? da Afghan melat? da Pakhtun melat? Yaw baba tsenga khpal da bachayo pa zheba na pohegee. Da kho daira ajeba khabera da che plaar/baba parso waye aw bachyan ye pakhtu.

There were some ppl who cried when they found out the King was dead. Razey che mong hum wozharo. Razey che wozharo da pakhtu pa haal. Razey che wozharo da pakhtu pa badbakhtee aw preshaanee. Razey che wozharo da pakhtu da bachyaano pa haal che dar pa dara khawri pa sar dee. Razey che wozharo da pakhtu da bachyaano pa haal che da zalimaano da laasa wazhal kegee. Razey che wozharo che da pakhtu nor hagha ghoror aw hagha sar lwartoob nishta…hagha che da Khushal Baba aw Ahmad Shah Baba pa wakht key wo.

Graney zhebey, nawazaley aw mehrabaney aw khwagey zhebey, zema da zra sar pakhtu zhebey, za taa sara dagha paimaan kawam che bya ba yawa wraz rashee che sta shamla pa toola pakhtoonkhwa/Afghanistan key haska walara ye. Za taa sara wada (promise) kawom che sta dagha de bewazlai shpai ba berta da khushaalai saba shee. I am sorry khwagey zhebey che pa taa bandey domra zulim shewai sta khpalo bacho da laasa. I am so sorry 😦 .

Zhabey da farang ta dera zeera wa

Nan kho bya Pakhto Bibi delgeera wa

Khkari che pakhtoon la kor sharrelay wa

Tsa ka bey gunah wa bey taqseera wa

Os de pareshaan pa kor key speka da

Tso che de Khushaal wa beynazeera wa

Da kho ba la tolo juno sar ta tla

Nan pa tolo juno key akhira wa

Daa kho ba da khyal pa shaal key puta wa

Nan ye pe sar bezha ghondey katsera wa

Taa kho ba pakhto na deray laapey kray

Daa che wa har tsa, de taa kho zheera wa

Chaa ba che tekrai da day pa dar ghokhtey

Nan da hagha chaa da dar faqeera wa

Patey ba peghor ye maa Taher ta wee

Da kho teredonkey wa raahgeera wa


3 Responses to “Zema zheba, zema da baba zheba”

  1. Khattak Says:

    When we say to promote and use our language. What do you think what one can do? Do you have any idea or would you recommend anything?

  2. Nazo Says:

    Well, it all depends on who we are talking about…ordinary ppl like me can do thier best but we need ppl in leadership levels to do something…i do my best to write about my language online and to talk about my language to ppl…but since i am nothing, i am not sure if it really accomplishes much…i am sure it does a little…kho our so called leaders need to do more…much much more for our language to promote it…make pakhtu the main language in schools, publish pakhtu books, magazines, promote pakhtu on televesion and radio so on and so on.

  3. Khattak Says:

    Agreed. My two cents as below:

    I will add a few more things to this list, I speak pashto at home with my family, with my friends and everywhere possible. So this way, I think it is made possible that our next generation will be able to speak in pashto.

    Beside that, I also like to myself and people around me to study pashto literature (it is not easy for people like me, who were born in Karachi). I try to access and then spread pashto literature as much as possible.

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