Da Nazo da zra razoona د نازو د زړە رازونه

ساقي توله ميخانه دي تري قربان شه ~~~پښتنه چي جام را ډک کړي له منګي نه

Spring is just around the corner March 14, 2007

Filed under: The Beginnings — nazo @ 8:46 pm

ahhhhhhhhhh…spring, the beautiful, wonderful, sensual season is almost here.  I love spring and everything that has to do with spring.  I love the threes and flowers blooming, the birds chirpping and the wind blowing in my face carrying that wonderful aroma with it.

Although technically we still have a few days till it is officially spring, but here it is already spring….

Wono (trees) khpalai zareenay ghotay pranestalee dee, gullano khpal pa khoshboyee banday da sahar wagmai khayesta karee dee aw hara khwa da sharshamo bootai zmakai khpal pa zyar rang  zareenay karee dee.

It made me think of Nashinaas’s song:                                                                                                         

Da de masto pesarlai dai, Da de or sabza kobee da,…..Maybe i will upload it here soon da khaira sara.


One Response to “Spring is just around the corner”

  1. sturie Says:

    Oh you are getting too soft love.

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