Da Nazo da zra razoona د نازو د زړە رازونه

ساقي توله ميخانه دي تري قربان شه ~~~پښتنه چي جام را ډک کړي له منګي نه

My fav. song March 5, 2007

We all have a list of our favorite songs be it a long list or a short list. But can you remember your first favorite song? When you were just about old enough to know what a favorite song was. What is yours?I remember when i first heard this song, it was the best experience ever. It was one of those mezmorinzing songs. By just listening to this song, it took me to places in my dreamland where no one can go, it made me feel what is unimaginable in real life..basically da khyaal pa taalono kay ye dasay wozangawalam che tool wojood may warsara pa regdaidalo sho….it was this song that will forever stay at the top of my list for “my favorite” songs 🙂

Sang by his greatness Nashinaas, enjoy 🙂

wale ne chawe la de ghama zma dila.mp3


20 Responses to “My fav. song”

  1. zakka Says:

    Nazo, you sound like a person who’s been through a lot in life. Your choice of poetry and song seems like it’s from the depths of your heart. Pa har she kay dard de…

    Also, for some reason I keep feeling like you are tied to politics in some way. Are you?

  2. nazo Says:

    hahaha…that is very interesting.
    Well, I have had a very good life so far Allhamdullilah…i had one of the best childhood too…what you see here is basically my personality…maybe there were things in my life that shaped me this way but like i said life has been good to me so far :).
    As far as politics, i am not ties to politics as in being a politician or taking direct part in it, but i do keep track of what is going on to my ppl and my land and i do try to understand the past of my ppl and what had been done to them…so basically zema hasay shayeraana mizaaj dai :).

  3. zakka Says:

    Aha, well that’s good to hear. For some reason I got the feeling that you were from a political family, no that you were necessarily in politics yourself. lol

    Oh yeah, about the protected stuff. I would surely give you the password, but I’m afraid you’ll think I’m childish or something. I say that because what I wrote there IS pretty childish. It was a spur of the moment thing, and I changed it to protected later on because I felt it might be too… revealing. lol

    But if you really, really want to read it then I’ll give you the password… Just let me know.

  4. nazo Says:

    na mara, i am don’t come from a political family although my dad gets excited whenever there is talk of politics and he gets all worked up about it when ppl don’t agree with him lol…i think i really am my father’s daughter :).

    Of course i wanna read it…haven’t you heard of the saying che curoisity killed the cat….well in this case lets hope it doesn’t kill me hahaha.

  5. zakka Says:

    Okay, I believe you about the politics thing now… lol.

    How do you want the password?

  6. nazo Says:

    OK email to me here:

    Oh you sure you don’t mind cause ta ba waye che da tsomra pushy aw nosy jenai da lol.

  7. zakka Says:

    haha no it’s okay… I just hope you don’t find it wierd. I’m protecting you! lol

    Okay I’ll e-mail it…

  8. nazo Says:

    OK mannena, lets see :).

  9. zakka Says:

    Okay I unprotected it. So you really don’t think it’s childish? I always thought writing about these kinds of relationships was immature…

  10. nazo Says:

    no i don’t think its childish. If that were the case then i should have protected most of my entries :).
    so now we know there is more to you than just trying to justify the unjustifiable lol.

  11. zakka Says:

    Aww now you’ve turned me into a soppy sensitive Pashtun. I was so happy being a tough one. lol

    This is a silly question but… How religious are you, nazo? Like not on a scale or anything, but how religious do you consider yourself?

  12. nazo Says:

    tough one? who are you kidding with a pink theme and all? lol.

    I consider myself pretty religious. I am not fanatic or anything like that but i pray and fast and try to follow the Quran and Hadeeth as best i can. Why?

  13. zakka Says:

    Same here, like I keep all the rojay and I pray (not always 5 times, but at least 3). But I see how we are today, and I realize that Parsiwan and Punjabiyan have even used religion to hurt us.

    Like the so called Islamic brother hood was just an excuse to make us the vulnerable ones. Sometimes it makes me lose faith a little.

  14. nazo Says:

    Yeah i know what you mean….but don’t loose faith cause our faith doesn’t belong to them parsiwaans and punjabyaan just like our land doesn’t belong to them…we are a proud ppl with a beautiful language and a land that can offer a lot to us and on top of that we have a beautiful religion. Doi day khudai tabaa kee che zmong da khalko haq ye khwaralai dai.

  15. zakka Says:

    bilkul graana, bilkul. okay, I’m off for a while now. I’ll talk to later sometime, de khaira. khudai pa aman 🙂

  16. zakka Says:

    take care!

  17. nazo Says:

    OK pa makha dey guloona.

  18. lahat Says:


    nazo jane heela laram che kha ye sta sherr me ulwasta der ziat khulai da aw ka rishtia uwayam tsa che zma pa zra ke wo hagha ta zaheran pa khpl sherr ke likali kha wakhtona aw sehat derta ghwaram khudai paman

  19. kashan Says:

    Salamuna …
    Nazo za pa khapala pa Fm radio k presenter yam da PASHTO zabay gha …
    sataso shoq aho zoq si ma walidaye no dair khuwand yeh rakye …
    songs collection poetry her sa dair alla dai …
    za ba dua derta kawam chi perwerdigar di ta ta loye omer la rogh siyath sera dher ki Ameen sum Ameen …

  20. nazo Says:

    Daira mannana Kashan wrora.

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