Da Nazo da zra razoona د نازو د زړە رازونه

ساقي توله ميخانه دي تري قربان شه ~~~پښتنه چي جام را ډک کړي له منګي نه

Names February 22, 2007

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 Do names form your personality or your life and taqdeer?

They say that your name really defines who you are and what kind of personality you have.  It forms who you are and it even sometimes shapes your life and taqdeer.  I am not sure it is true but those claiming the above swear by it.

 I love the name Selgay and want that name for my future daughter if I have a daughter some day da khaira.  I also love the name Okhka (tear)…it is such a sad yet sweet name but my sister always tells me that Okhka is too sad of a word to be used as a name.

 I came upon this name (Okhka) when i was reading a poem by the khudai bakhalee Ishaq Nangyaal.  He had written this poem on the day his daughter was born and had dedicated it to her.  His daughter’s name was Okhka.  When i saw that i just fell in love with this name.  But then again Nangyaal died at a young age which kinda proves the claims ppl like my sister make.

 Here is his poem

Da sro weeno da shpo tsaangay

(Zema da lor Okhkay da zokaray shpa)

Da spogmey teek pa orbal kay

Da la kom loray na raghlay?

Da muska pa dako shondo

Da saara zhwandoon zindaan ta

Dalta marg dai, dalta weenay

Mong par khpal zhwandoon pa tang yo

Taa bay ghama jahaan prekhod

Da zhwando marro mailma shway

Dalta zmong da zhwand par walo

zmong da maindo pa seeno kay

Da zalmyano pa kako kay

Da peghloto pa kamtso kay

Ra zangegee, ra zangegee

Da sro weeno da shpo tsaangay

(note:  this poem was written during the Russian/Afghan war)


18 Responses to “Names”

  1. zakka Says:

    Names can really affect the way people perceive you. If your name is soft and kind then one might say that your personality is the same. If your name is harsh or bold then they think twice before approaching you. lol

    The poem was really heartfelt. It was evident that it was based on personal experiences. Thanks for sharing it.

    Also, I liked the way your blog was setup before, with the pink theme. This one is a little rough on the stargey.

  2. nazo Says:

    I changed it back to Pink…but the problem with this theme is che you can’t do much with it. Wos ba dagha pregdam tar tso che i find a nicer one that is gentler to the eye :).

  3. zakka Says:

    Okay then my dear, I’m taking the pink theme. I love pink, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

  4. nazo Says:

    OK you can have the pink them but let me warn you there is not much of flexibility with pink. Let me know when you create your blog page kha.
    OH, isn’t pink for girls? :).

  5. zakka Says:

    Okay, I’ve made my own Blog. It’s a little out there though, so I’m warning you in advance.

    And no, pink is not girl! It is the #1 color of Pashtun males. It gives us strength, manliness, and courage, to say the least.

  6. nazo Says:

    that is red lewanai not pink :).
    so where is your blog? still waiting 😉

  7. zakka Says:

    Yeah, I don’t know how to make my name become a link to my site if you know what I mean. When I click on your name, it takes me to your Blog, but I can’t click on my name 😦

  8. nazo Says:

    is your blog name the same as your nick here? maybe that is why or maybe cause you are using that pink girly theme lol…bya onwawaye che i did not warn you of the pinky’s limitations 🙂

  9. zakka Says:

    Yeah the nicks are the same. Maybe it is the pinkness (or redness) after all. It’s draining the life out of my Blog.

    Anyway, here it is for now:

    I’ll try and fix the link thingy…

  10. nazo Says:

    OK mannena wrora,
    let me go have a peak, so help me God 🙂

  11. zakka Says:

    Thanks for the welcoming comment. Do you think my Blog purpose crosses the line or is it okay?

    Actually zakka is just taken from Zakka Khel. My ancestors left Afridi lands a really long time ago so I don’t know first hand, but from what I’ve read, Zakka Khel is the largest sub-tribe of the Afridis. They are also the most untrustworthy according to one website. lol

  12. nazo Says:

    You’re welcome.
    no i don’t think it crosses the line but then again i have to wait and see what controversy you are talking about..if the controversy is about punjabyaan and tajikan then he i am all for it lol…but if it is anything about our sweet and nazawalay pukhtu then you better watch out cause i might poke your eyes out j/k lol…hagha da bakhtzameenai sandara da che waye, stargay ba ye obasam tsook che something something regarding pa bada goray zmong watan ta :).

  13. zakka Says:

    Well, the parts that you remembered were beautiful lol

    I have no intention of hurting Pashto in anyway. My Blog is sort of related to Pashtun culture, but basically only when it clashes with Islam.

    There is that story of Pir Esfandyar I think, that he was asked what comes first, Pashtunwali ka Islam? He said, my ancestors have been a Pashtuns for 5000 years, they have been Muslims for 1000 years, so what do you think comes first?

  14. zakka Says:

    But before you start thinking that I’m against Islam or something, I just want to say that that’s not the case. I want to analyze stuff from the outside.

    I don’t know how much you know about Pashtunwali, but some things in it are in line with Islam and others are not. I just want to compare things.

    Also, Islam and Pashtunwali are not the only topics, although there will be an emphasis on them. I want to discuss my feelings on right and wrong. We all have goals in life, but how much are we willing to sacrifice for them? Stuff like that.

  15. nazo Says:

    yeah i know what you mean…i think i know enough about pakhtunwali che when i die i will die with a smile che za kha sho che pa pakhtunwali pohedam :).
    but at the same time I am a muslim and whether pakhtunwali came before islam or not, almost all pakhtuns are muslim…maybe our pakhtunwali was so beautiful that God made islam like that lol..tobah tobah khudaya…

  16. zakka Says:

    lol see, even when we try to give Islam more credit, we end up giving all the credit to Pakhtunwali. shame on us, shaaaaaame ooooon us!

  17. nazo Says:

    yup, shame on us indead.

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